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Piano Restoration
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Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration - Quick How To Guide

Piano restoration, repairing a beloved family treasure is often a great investment as opposed to replacing your older piano. Everyone has fond memories of their first piano, whether it is the piano they learned on as a child, one that has been in the family for generations or the first one you bought for yourself. But does this mean that you should keep it around for ever? Does there come a time when your beloved ivory keys are simply no longer up to the job? After all there are a great number of wonderful pianos for sale out there.

Pianos For Sale - How Do Old And New Pianos Compare?

Piano restoration cost can be quite high so you might ask yourself whether it is worth the expense? There isn’t a short answer to this. The longer answer to the question of how older and new pianos stack up and compare with each other is that superior brands of older pianos (think of a Steinway piano) will more often than not produce a superior tone and have a more elegant appearance than their modern counterparts. On the flip side, modern pianos will often have a good ‘touch’ response, where as a poorly restored older piano may not. The main reason why traditional or older pianos can produce a better or more superior sound is that between 1880 and 1940, the piano was the centre of home entertainment and the main mechanical item in the home. This meant that there were numerous highly skilled workers producing pianos, and doing so without the aid of modern technology. Competition between brands was extremely strong and time was far less important in producing a piano. Piano builders could also take advantage of materials that are not as readily available today, such as good hardwood or even banned items such as ivory. As there have been few mechanical advances in acoustic piano design since those days it is still quite easy to get all the parts an older piano needs to be kept in great condition for piano restorations and piano tuning. Modern pianos can also be very good. It’s likely they will have seen much less wear and tear than and older or restored piano, and will therefore need less maintenance.

The Benefits And Cost Of Piano Restoration

Let’s look at what is involved in, and the cost of piano restoration. Piano restoration can be split into three sections; structural restoration, action and key restoration, and finally, Casework restoration. These areas work for grand piano restoration, as well as restoring any other type of piano. Structural restoration is required when pianos do not stay in tune or if there is damage to the sound board. This type of damage could cause the sound board inside your piano to vibrate and disrupt the sound. Action and key restoration involves two levels of work, on both the action of the piano, and restoring the keys. Your piano may only need one of these depending upon the level of damage your piano has, but both need to be checked as they are intimately connected. This can be a long repair and require taking the piano away to a workshop, however, this is not always the case and shorter repairs can be achieved in the home. The third kind of repair is casework restoration. There are several levels to this depending upon the level of restoration needed to bring your piano back to its prime. A good piano restorer will be able to inspect the instrument and advise you on what needs to be done to get your piano back to tip top condition. Little & Lampert Pianos are experts at piano restoration and can help you bring life and music back to a beloved family instrument.

Exceptional Piano Restoration From Little & Lampert Pianos

At Little & Lampert Pianos, we have a fantastic selection of second hand pianos that have been restored with our fantastic piano restoration specialists. Pop into our showroom in Harrow, Middlesex to browse our selection of new and second hand pianos for sale. You can browse our catalogue of pianos on line at http://www.llpianos.co.uk/ as well as finding out more about new and second hand pianos. We also have a great selection of piano accessories such as stools and benches. Call to chat to us today on 01923 820 470 to find out how we can find the right second hand or new piano for you, or email any queries to info@llpianos.com.

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