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Piano Removals – Are You Thinking Of Moving Your Piano Yourself?

There are professional companies that provide piano removals, yet you may be considering removing your piano yourself in order to save money. In fact, this could end up costing... read more »

Piano Stools – Buying Guide

Piano stools are a must-have for anyone that plays the piano. Even if you are just starting out or only play the piano as a hobby, you need to... read more »

Pianos For Sale – Reasons To Learn To Play The Piano

Are you thinking about purchasing one of the available pianos for sale? Of course, there are many instruments to choose from, but there... read more »

Examples of notable young female pianists working today

Historically, many more men than women have become famous for piano-playing careers. However, since the late 20th century, more women have become famous for such careers – to the extent where, today, there are... read more »

Appearances that the piano solo Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 has made in cartoons

Among the piano solos that we at the piano shop Middlesex company Little & Lampert Pianos particularly enjoy listening to is the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, which was the second of a set of... read more »

Did you know about this fascinating international piano-related art project?

We at Little & Lampert Pianos were recently fascinated to learn about a piano-related art project that has toured the world since 2008. The project, titled 'Play Me, I'm Yours', is the work of... read more »

How a piano player could benefit from having a parrot like our Oscar!

If you have already perused much of the website for Little & Lampert Pianos, you may have noticed that we have our own parrot, called Oscar, who lives in the back room of our... read more »

A basic retelling of the history of Japanese piano-making company Kawai

You may have noticed, through perusing the website of Little & Lampert Pianos, that pianos that we can offer include those from the Japanese music instruments manufacturing firm Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.... read more »

Our favourite piano-related Phil Collins moments

"Do you like Phil Collins? I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke." So begins one of the most commonly-quoted pieces of commentary about the legendary Phil... read more »

Could pianism secrets be revealed as British rock band Genesis reunite?

The BBC have recently announced that, as part of a series of music-themed TV programmes to be screened later this year, the classic five-man line-up of British rock band Genesis will reunite for a... read more »

Is it really possible to name the greatest pianist of all time?

Who is the greatest pianist of all time? Of course, this is, at least to some extent, a subjective judgement. Much like a question of who the best living musician is, you are unlikely... read more »

Casio Promotion

Purchase a Casio Digital Piano from Little & Lampert, and claim back £100.00 from Casio! Call us for details on 01923 820 470read more »

The Physical Benefits of Piano Playing

Due to the fact that it is a hobby which mainly involves being in a seated position, many assume that piano playing is not associated with or linked to physical fitness. However, recent studies taken... read more »

Creating a Personal Piano Plan

Whilst millions of people throughout the world have discovered the joys of piano, it’s likely that those millions at some point in their piano education also experienced extreme frustration. Of course, learning to play any... read more »

Ensuring Success as a Beginner

When embarking on piano lessons, or even self-tutelage, it can be hard to keep and maintain focus, especially if the person taking starting to play the piano is a complete novice. However, there are three... read more »

Do Men and Women Play Piano Differently?

Although the structure and size of pianos tends to be very universal, especially with larger manufacturers like Yamaha pianos, there are still questions as to whether there is a difference in the way that... read more »