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Piano Art Projects Throughout the World

There are many people who believe the piano to be an old fashioned instrument which has little benefit or use when compared to digital pianos and other modern instruments. However, artists across the world are... read more »

Yamaha launches new Stage pianos

Adding to their heavy roster of instruments, Yamaha pianos have announced two new pianos to be launched in November 2013. The CP4 and CP40 were unveiled to a selection of international dealers at an exclusive... read more »

Yamaha Offer Buying Sessions

Yamaha recently announced that after the success of last years’ premiere event, they plan to run another series of selection sessions at the world famous Southbank Centre in London as well as a later... read more »

Choosing a Piano: New or Pre-loved?

Deciding that you’re going to either invest in your very first piano or replace your current one is a very exciting time – with lots of choice. However, before you can start choosing and trying... read more »

The Popularity of the Piano

In the 500 years since its’ invention, the piano has become of the most distinctive and popular instruments with millions of fans of both the sound of the piano and playing the instrument themselves.... read more »

Should you choose a digital or acoustic piano?

In a 500 year history, the piano has become exceptionally popular. However, within that time there have also been a number of changes. Sounds have become clearer, playing styles have changed and more recently,... read more »

Qualities for a Good Piano Teacher

Just as many highly educated or successful people credit their teachers with their success, often saying that it was their enthusiasm, professionalism or manner which spurred the student to success, the importance of a... read more »

The Benefits of Owning a Piano

There was a time many years ago, mostly before the advent of the television and musical (CD, record, MP3) players that nearly every home had a piano. Now, the homes which have a piano... read more »

The Benefits of Piano Lessons for Children

There are many reasons for children to learn to play instruments. From pianos to violins, children with a love of music can go on to do anything. Of course we, as a piano shop London,... read more »

Tips for Buying a Piano

Buying a new or used piano can be a very fun and worthwhile experience but it can also be fraught – especially if you’ve never purchased or owned a piano before. Whilst Little and... read more »

The Benefits of Regular Piano Tuning

For many people, tuning their piano is something they only do when they start to notice deterioration in the sound and overall playing ability. However, many people notice that there are benefits to having their... read more »

There are great videos on the website of this piano shop London-based company

We at Little and Lampert Pianos would like to think that we have provided enough textual information on this website about both our company and the pianos that are available to purchase from our... read more »

A beginner's guide to having Yamaha pianos tuned

If you have recently purchased any Yamaha pianos from Little and Lampert Pianos, then you have perhaps already heard about our piano tuning Middlesex services and even heard many people recommend that you arrange... read more »

Tips for identifying damage to a piano

If you own and, especially, regularly use a piano, like any of the Yamaha U1 pianos and Yamaha U3 pianos available from the piano shop Middlesex-based Little and Lampert Pianos, then it can prove very worthwhile... read more »

An introduction to Yamaha pianos

Even if you have very little knowledge or experience of the world of pianos, you are likely to have heard of Yamaha. That's because the corporation - known, to use its full name, as... read more »

A Brief History of Yamaha Pianos

In 1887, Yamaha was established (initially as Nippon Gakki Company Ltd.) as a manufacturer of reed organs. As the piano became more popular towards the end of the 19th century, Yamaha switched focus to... read more »