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Pianos For Sale In The UK

Pianos for sale in the UK. Are you considering buying a piano? There are many factors to consider when looking at pianos for sale. Should you buy new or second hand? Is a traditional or digital piano for you? There are a multitude of choices on the market and piano shopping can be rather daunting. Whether it is a first piano for children or a return to piano for adults, for most of us, the cost of buying a piano is a fairly large amount. Hopefully, this guide can help you with a realistic guide to piano shopping.

Piano Stools, Removals & Tuning - Costs Of Buying A Piano

The first thing you should look at when buying a piano, is the costs that are involved including accessories such as piano stools, and services such as piano removals and piano tuning. How much you need to budget for an accessory such as a vintage piano stool, or for piano removal services and grand piano tuning can be very subjective. A professional pianist will probably spend more, and be much more discerning than a beginner or parents buying a first piano for their child. Your budget should reflect where you are and where you plan to go in your journey as a pianist. You should also factor in your style and standard of playing. Some brands will better suit some pianists and as the standard of your playing and abilities progress, so you will require a higher standard of piano to play on. Think about your style of playing and what type of piano best meets your needs and budget. Would a new piano be best or should you look at a second hand piano that may have undergone restoration? A new piano is not always the better option, especially if you source a second hand one from a reputable source with experience in restoration.

Grand Pianos For Sale - A Grand Investment

Buying a piano of a certain pedigree can be a sound financial investment. Over the last decade those searching for a grand piano for sale will have seen their price rise. This has been thanks to a large increase in demand for grand pianos. With increasing demand from both international musicians and in particular buyers in China, it is harder today to find a cheap grand piano for sale. Grand pianos for sale are collectable pieces as they are often the rarest types of piano, and offer pianists superior acoustics. However, at around 9ft in length, they are not always practical for the home. A great alternative that many pianists opt for is the baby grand piano. Typically, these are around 5ft to 7ft long. Baby grand pianos are again quite popular, due to their unique appearance as a desirable piece of furniture. They are much easier to fit into the average size home, and more attractive to many than an upright piano. A baby grand piano for sale starts at around £6000. The tone of a baby grand piano is different to a comparably priced upright piano; both have their strengths, and much is down to personal preference.

Piano Restoration and Second Hand Pianos For Sale

When thinking about which is best to buy, a new, second hand, or digital piano there is no single answer, other than it should be your choice and reflect your needs. The best piano is the one that is right for you. Second hand pianos for sale are not just for beginners, they can be for people at all ability levels. Secondhand pianos for sale may be purchased because people prefer their more traditional look and feel. Older restored and second hand pianos need much more frequent tuning and maintenance, a cost that you are much less likely to face with a new piano. This additional cost is something you must consider before buying as it will be an ongoing cost. A well maintained second hand piano still has a lot of life to offer with many years of good playing ahead. If you do purchase a second hand piano, the costs of piano restoration can be very high when compared to the purchase price of a new piano. Given that the piano restoration cost of new hammers can come in at between £2000 and £3000, it is better to buy a second piano that has been restored by an expert, than try to do it yourself.

Looking For A Yamaha Piano For Sale?

Yamaha pianos are one of the most enduringly popular brands on the market. Produced in and exported from Japan, many retailers around the world stock what are sometimes seen a gold-standard. When thinking about Yamaha pianos UK based, there are a lot of diverse opinions in terms of which models and productions years are the best. However, as with any other make of piano, much is down to personal preference. Yamaha piano dealers UK wide will quickly point out that Yamaha pianos are often considered the market leading pianos for sale globally. There are many models of Yamaha piano for sale so it is a good idea to visit a showroom and try out a selection of models to find the one with the right sound for your style of music. However, this is not the only consideration. You also need to decide whether to go with a new or second hand Yamaha piano, and find one that fits, both in terms of size and aesthetics, in your home. At Little & Lampert Pianos, you’ll find a great selection in our Yamaha piano sale as well as a wide range of other great brands. Visit one of the best for new and second hand pianos, and delivery across the UK.

Diverse Range Of Outstanding Pianos For Sale At Little & Lampert Pianos

At Little & Lampert Pianos, we have a great selection of new and second hand pianos for sale. With everything from grand pianos to baby grands and uprights, whether you’re looking for your first or next piano, we can help you find the right make and model for you. Visit our shop in Harrow, Middlesex, Monday to Saturday, 9am - 6pm or visit us online at http://www.llpianos.co.uk/. If you have any questions, please fill in our contact form or call us today on 01923 820 470 and we will do all we can to find you the right answers.

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