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Piano Stools
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Piano Stools

Piano Stools – A Guide On Choosing A New Piano Stool

Piano stools come in a variety of styles, sizes, qualities and playing positions. Before choosing a new piano stool you need to know what type of pianos for sale you are intending to buy, or already have at home, with which the stool will be paired. Different types of pianos from grand to baby grands, portable pianos or uprights each have their own ergonomics. When learning or practicing piano, you could well be sitting on your stool for several hours per day. You need to ensure that the stool you choose fits with this ergonomics and your own body shape to give you the most comfortable seating position when playing.

After Finding Pianos For Sale, You’ll Need The Perfect Stool

There are a number of factors to consider when looking at a new piano stool including comfort, posture and of course cost. Both benches and adjustable piano stools are available to ensure that you are sat at the right height for the instrument you are playing. Not all piano benches and stools are created equally and a cheap piano stool might end up costing you more than you think in lower back pain. The best are height adjustable and well-padded for player comfort. However, cheap does not have to mean poor quality, and much depends on where you purchase your stool or bench from. Buying from a reputable retailer, who has experience in fitting people to seating options will save you money straight away. Choosing the right bench also depends on your preferences for style, and colour. It is a decision that should not be rushed, get it right and you will be enjoying your seat for years to come. Start by considering your piano and piano restoration. Depending on your piano and playing style, the right bench might be longer, wider or taller. A wooden seat might be easy to maintain and work well if you play occasionally, but isn’t good for sitting on often. A leather padded seat is still easy to maintain and more comfortable to sit on for long periods. Before making your purchase, remember to try to choose a piano bench that matches your piano, look for harmony in aesthetics and their contours. A poor seating position can cause many technical problems as well as aches and pains.

How To Sit On The Best Piano Stool

When sitting on piano stools, your spine should make an ‘S’ shape, rather than the more common ‘C’ shapes people make when hunched over or slouching. Doing so avoids the risks of backache and neck pain that some pianists can suffer from. Sitting at a piano is different from sitting on a chair and the best piano stool for you won’t necessarily be for someone else. How you sit affects everything from whether you can breathe easily, are relaxed, and whether your feet have the necessary support as well as being able to smoothly operate the pedals. Your lower elbow should be around half an inch above the keys when playing. Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid playing standing up as it makes good posture extremely difficult. Your upper arm should be neither raised nor reaching forward, whilst your forearm and hand need to be light and relaxed. Your wrists should not be flexed or fully relaxed and your hips open and able to move easily. The freer your hips, the better your sitting position. Make sure to sit far enough back so that you don’t need to hold yourself in place, but forward enough that your hips are free to move as discussed. The best height for you is one that allows your elbow and upper arm to fall freely and your forearm to be parallel to the floor when your hand is in its natural playing position. Little & Lampert Pianos can help you consider all your playing and comfort needs when you buy piano stool.

Choose Little & Lampert Pianos For The Best Piano Stools

At Little & Lampert Pianos, we have one of the best selections of piano stools and adjustable benches that you will find in the UK. For any and all piano accessories you need such as stools, benches and adjustment systems, visit us online today at http://www.llpianos.co.uk/ to see pianos for sale. You can pop into our shop in Harrow, Monday to Saturday, 9am - 6pm to see and try our collection for yourself. If you have any questions or comments, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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